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INVESTMENTS – If you’ve got capital to invest, head over to our investors page. There we offer a range of financial opportunities that we’ve filtered out using our systems outlined in “how we work”, giving you the most probable setups you can choose from.

EDUCATION – Correct education is paramount! If you want to learn how to become successful at trading/ investing or are just interested in forecasting. Our tailored education system teaches you how to use technical analysis to give you the edge you’ve been looking for.  Once completed you’ll not only have an understanding of what we do, but you’ll be able to apply the same theories and methodologies that we use into your own investment/ trading style!

CONSULTATION – If you’re an investor that has already built up a portfolio and would like a second opinion on your investments. What kind of potential is left? What you could get rid of? Or what to purchase more of? Get in touch! Our portfolio health check gives you a wave report on each individual investment and what the most probable outcome could look like! Saving you money & time.

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How we work

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Data collection

There are hundreds and thousands of investment available in the markets. Here, we seperate and collect all available investments opportunities. We investigate a multitude of sources; ASX listing site, forums and social media platforms to name a few. At the end of this stage Matrix’s data bank is overflowing with options. Phase 2 begins.



Using our unique technical analysis style, we filter out investment opportunities that show the most promise for both up and down trading. Generally, we’re looking for probable setups on the 4hr and Daily timeframes. This allows us to remove a lot of the noise, normal traders fall prey too. Investing is a game of probability!



Although technical analysis plays a large factor to our edge. We do not rely solely on it’s advantages. In this phase we match the technical with the fundamental. Reading pages of financial reports & future plans. We’re able to dissect a few key questions.

What is the company doing? What do their accounts look like? What are the expected future free cash flows? We understand and investigate the audited fundamentals of the company and decide which ones are the most sound, healthy & favourable for potential capital allocation.


Matrix idea

The idea is born. Following this process we are able to filter out only the best, most probable investment opportunities that are “likely” to reap the most reward for us, and our community. The only thing left, timing.

Timing is largely dependent on live market information, we follow our strategy in timing our entries. ONLY subscribers will be notified when Trading Matrix has allocated capital.